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A transparent web page by way of web page black and white experiment of Seow's grammar.

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This suggests that the root is lzllK, with the assimilation of l. 2.. " Exercise 5 Exercise 5 I 4 5 6. ph ,tp 12. il~N II. a. Give the plural of the following geminate nouns, and translate those that you recognize: ,~ 7. 13. 9 T- ,~ ,iJ r,t-i 8. i139 I. 2. ,; I. i 14· 15. 111, 9. 15 . n~~ :i'=t 8. ,:ii, ...... 16. IO. T • 3· T'- 4· Ti?. 5· il::>O 2. 9· b. · < 17. • w,ii ... :)l 19. ilWN IO. 12. lVNi 20. ilft ... nN T 13. ( 21. 3· ,,~ : T • 18. · -: - n~ ,,::, . T 4· Ci' 14. C' 5· 6. :IN T I I. 7.

Many words that originally had Waw or Yogas the third radical appear with a final He. In the standard dictionaries and grammars, such roots (original III-Waw/ Yog) are classified as III-He. Note). In other words, the label "III-He Roots" refers to roots that are really III-Waw/Yog, but not to those that are really III-i-1! a. III-He ms nouns frequently end in i1 ... -. Indeed, one may assume that any noun ending in i1 ... , original III-Waw or III-Yog). i11ll} Root i1Th ... b, feminine forms of such nouns take the fs ending, i1T -, instead of the ms, i1 ...

N god, God, (the god) El blood (fs; fp: ntq~) land, earth, country (fs; fp: ni~l':t) mother God, gods ',~ C'ij',~ c~ r1~ T (ms or fs) way, road C1 1T! ) sword Vocabulary I judgment, justice, right, custom. W judge. Verb: U;>t_p to judge (always dual) water (ms; irreg. ) heart, mind (fs) hand, power ::210 ,~ :J~? I :J? C~~ U~tp~ tv~} (fs) eye, spring (fs; fp: nitv~~) self, person (traditionally, "soul"), breath, will r~ mouth (always plural) face, presence. n) foot ',~l C~~t_p 2I 22 I Lesson I II Exercise 3 8.

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