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By Frederick Law Olmsted

Frederick legislations Olmsted (1822-1903) used to be a journalist and panorama fashion designer who's considered as the founding father of American panorama structure: his most renowned success was once primary Park in manhattan, of which he turned the superintendent in 1857, yet he additionally labored at the layout of parks in lots of different burgeoning American towns, and was once referred to as by means of Charles Eliot Norton 'the maximum artist that the United States has but produced'. His A trip within the Seaboard Slave States was once initially released in 1856, and arose from trips within the south which Olmsted, a passionate abolitionist, had undertaken in 1853-4. This variation used to be released in volumes in 1904, with the addition of a biographical cartoon by means of his son and an creation by way of William P. Trent. It abounds in interesting and witty descriptions of Olmsted's encounters and studies in a society which was once at the verge of overwhelming swap.

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He had known her for twenty years, he said, and until lately she had always come into town about once a week, on foot, bringing fowls, eggs, potatoes, or herbs, for sale, in a basket. The bull she had probably picked up astray, when a calf, and reared and broken it herself; and the cart and harness she had made herself; but he did not think anybody in the land felt richer than she did now, or prouder of her establishment. In the afternoon, I left the main road, and, towards night, reached a much more cultivated district.

The sunlight streamed through and played aslant the lustrous leaves, and fluttering, pendulous moss; the arch was low and broad; the trunks were huge and gnarled, and there was a heavy groining of strong, rough, knotty branches. I stopped my horse and held my breath; for I have hardly in all my life seen anything so impressively grand and beautiful. " Alas! no angels; only little black babies, toddling about with an older child or two to watch them, occupied the aisle. At the upper end was the owner's mansion, with a circular court-yard around it, and an irregular plantation of great trees; one of the oaks, as I afterwards learned, seven feet in diameter of trunk, and covering with its branches a circle of one hundred and twenty feet in diameter.

50 The Seaboard Slave States steps from the household room. Each tenement is occupied, on an average, by five persons. There were in them closets, with locks and keys, and a varying quantity of rude furniture. Each cabin stood two hundred feet from the next, and the street in front of them being two hundred feet wide, they were just that distance apart each way. The people were nearly all absent at work, and had locked their outer doors, taking the keys with them. Each cabin has a front and back door, and each room a window, closed by a wooden shutter, swinging outward, on hinges.

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