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By Jack Kornfield

Liked Western Buddhist grasp Kornfield makes recognized his own, functional knowledge, garnered from 25 years of training and instructing the trail of awakening, as he publications self-searchers to a simplicity of belief that brings alive religious perform, peace, and fact of their day-by-day lives.

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In his lifetime struggles, the Daishonin preached in accordance with his own mind. In our own practice, preaching in accordance with one’s own mind indicates the spontaneous spirit to praise the Mystic Law out of profound recognition of its greatness, no matter what anyone might say. Such admiration for the Mystic Law is the essential reason we recite the sutra during morning and evening gongyo. “Preaching in accordance with one’s own mind” also indicates the attitude of propagating the Law to the full extent of one’s ability, the irrepressible desire to teach and explain to others even a single word or phrase.

That’s because the levels of understanding differ so greatly between the Buddha and other beings. Even were the Buddha to expound the true teaching, should the 52 5 the heart of the lotus sutra people not fully understand, there would be the danger they would develop doubt, destroy the Law and fall into the three evil paths of existence. Shakyamuni, after attaining enlightenment beneath the bodhi tree, at first hesitated to expound the Law. He realized, however, that unless he expounded his teaching right then and there, people would be forever locked in the darkness of delusion.

In many of his writings, Nichiren Daishonin refers to the Gohonzon of the Three Great Secret Laws as a “great mandala never before known” (WND-1, 832). He writes: “Even in the Lotus Sutra he [Shakyamuni] did not allude to it in the earlier chapters of the theoretical teaching. He began things in the ‘Treasure Tower’ chapter, he revealed it in the ‘Life Span’ chapter, and he brought things to a close in the ‘Supernatural Powers’ and ‘Entrustment’ chapters” (WND-1, 467). In another place, he states: Now, during the three periods following the Buddha’s passing, in the two thousand years of the Former and Middle Days of the Law, not even the term “object of devotion of the essential teaching” yet existed.

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