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By J. Takakusu

An creation to I-tsing's (Yijing) list of the Buddhist faith as practised in India and the Malay Archipelago (A.D. 671-695)
The written documents of his 25-year travels contributed to the worldknowledge of the traditional state of Srivijaya, in addition to supplying information regarding the opposite kingdoms mendacity at the course among China and the Nālandā Buddhist college in India.

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Of Java, was called Fang-li by the Chinese 3, but the accounts given of this island are very scanty. Owing to the interesting discovery of the Kavi literature there, the name is now well known to us. I should refer my readers to 1\1r. R. Friedrich's Account of the Island of Bali (Essays on Indo-China, second series, vol. ii). K ' u - l u n (K'u n - l u n, P u l o C o n d o re). K'u-lun is identical with K'un-lun, the Chinese name for Pulo Condore. The native name is Kon-non, Condore being a corruption of it.

1 2 9) . One may well wonder why the K'un-lun language was prevalent in Sumatra or Sribhoga in I-tsing's time 1. One must not, however, be misled by the word K'un­ lun, when used as the name of a language, for it has been for some time a general name for all the Southern Sea (cf. p. I I ), and therefore the ' K'un-Iun-yii ' must mean the l\Ialay language. The islands of Pulo Condore had nothing to do with it, though the inhabitants might have shared in speaking a dialect of the K'un-lun language.

I Fan (barbarian) may mean any foreign characters, but here it seems to mean Sanskrit ; so also Mr. , p. 1 88. 5 Something like SrI-kuta-harit, or Srl-gupta-Mrita. , p. ' 7 Chu-f'an-shih, by Chao-ju-kua. It is a rather rare book, and I am obliged to Dr. Rosthorn of Vienna for lending it to me. Dr. Hirth is going to translate it (J. R. A. , Jan. 1 896). 2 xliii iVO TES OiV GE O GRA PHICA L iVA MES. to the south of Ch'uan-chou 1 ; the people put a colt011 clolh (sarongs) round their bodies, and use a silk parasol.

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