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By Alicia Duchak

An A-Z of recent the US is a accomplished cultural dictionary which defines modern the US via its background and civilization. The e-book contains entries on:key humans from presidents to Babe RuthAmerican lifestyles, customs, garments and educationlegal, non secular and governmental practicesmulticulturalism, minorities and civil rightsAn A-Z of contemporary the USA bargains obtainable and vigorous definitions of over 3,000 separate goods. The publication is cross-referenced and therefore offers linked hyperlinks and cultural connections whereas the appendices include crucial additional info on American associations, constructions and traditions.

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Bachelorette party (customs and traditions) A party held in honor of a woman who is soon to be married. It is sponsored by the female friends of the guest of honor and it usually consists of drinking alcohol, telling stories and celebrating the last few days/hours of being single before the wedding. Sometimes, the women rent a male stripper to perform for the bride-tobe. Compare bachelor party. Back-to-Africa Movement (minorities) A movement, consisting of three major waves, among African Americans to free themselves of American slavery, racism and discrimination by physically and permanently returning to West Africa, their traditional homeland, to live.

Cook, shop, walk) 20 alone without special care. They live in an especially equipped residence center and are cared for by trained care givers and nurses. This type of care is often provided in a nursing home. Associate Justice (legal system) The title given to eight (of the nine) judges of the Supreme Court. Each one is appointed by the President see appointment power) to this position and serves a term 1 for life or until retirement. Compare Chief Justice. associate's degree (education) A degree awarded to a student who has completed the courses and exams of a twoyear, higher education program, at a community college or junior college.

Other artists and singers called him ``Pops''; his popular nickname was ``Satchmo'', a clipped form of ``Satchelmouth'', because he had enormous cheeks which could hold a lot of air to play the instrument. Before 1925, he played the coronet. Army (military) A branch of the armed forces serving in land maneuver combat in wartime situations and serving in domestic emergencies and relief measures. It was established in 1775 and today is overseen by the Department of the Army which is part of the Department of Defense.

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