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By Minette Walters

Acid Row is a crime-infested housing undertaking that exists via its personal legislation. whilst information comes baby has been abducted, the disappointment and anger that has been seething at the streets of Acid Row is ignited. And not anyone may be secure.

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Damn! Damn! Damn! "I didn't want to tempt fate in case Bob changed his mind," said Sophie, concentrating on her plait. It was a gross slander against her amiable fiance, but if it prevented another row with Fay about Melanie Patterson it would be worth it. They had almost come to blows the week before and she didn't want a repeat. " Damn! Damn! And more damns! Sophie stood up and walked across to a mirror on the far wall. Anything to avoid the reproach in the woman's face. "It's not for ages yet," she lied.

For a normally taciturn child, the words tumbled out of him. "I told you to look after Amy properly but you wouldn't listen 'cos you're lazy and you're a bully. Do this ... do that .. lick my fucking arse, Amy .. but if you tell your mum I'll give you a walloping. The kid's frightened of you. OK, she's a bit of a pain, but the way you carry on it's not surprising she cried a lot. Your trouble is no one likes you. You should try being nicer .. " He inched along the corridor. "I'm going to look for Amy," he said, pulling open the front door.

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