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By Engin F. Isin

This e-book introduces the idea that "acts of citizenship" that allows you to re-orientate the best way citizenship stories has been investigated over the past decade. The authors argue that investigating acts of citizenship in phrases irreducible to both prestige or perform, whereas nonetheless valuing this contrast, calls for a spotlight on these moments and approaches wherein matters represent themselves as voters. Their research comprises a sustained engagement with interdisciplinary suggestion, drawing from new advancements not just in politics, sociology, geography and anthropology but additionally psychoanalysis, philosophy and background.

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I suggest using responsibility to specify the calculable (ontic) orientation towards others and answerability to specify the incalculable (ontological) orientation towards the Other. While it is fruitful to see how the young Bakhtin struggled to make a distinction between acts and action, responsibility and answerability, and content and sense of acts, a question that remains is the essence of answerability to the Other. It is this question, I think, that Heidegger (1927) and Levinas (1978) struggled with and to which Derrida (1992) returned.

But can these actions be explained by giving an account of these meanings, motives and reasons? According to Bakhtin aestheticism would account for these actions in so far as they make sense within an order. Aestheticism would turn the focus away from the unique and once-occurrent aspect of these actions. Aestheticism reduces actions to acts. By contrast, theoreticism would account for them by interpreting them as an instance of something abstract. Theoreticism reduces acts into actions. Historicism sees both acts and actions but fails to write the actor into the act and the scene.

20). Yet Bakhtin recognizes that overcoming aestheticism, theoreticism and historicism is not as easy as it sounds: My participative and demanding consciousness can see that the world of modern philosophy, the theoretical and theoreticized world of culture, is in a certain sense actual, that it possesses validity. But what it can also see is that this world is not the once-occurrent world in which I live and in which I answerably isin&nielsen01 2/1/08 30 / 10:22 Page 30 PA R T I : P O L I T I C S , E T H I C S , A E S T H E T I C S perform my deeds.

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