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By J. A. Callow

The newest quantity during this sequence maintains as an in depth evaluate in botanical technology to a large viewers. The papers during this quantity are of common curiosity and current attention-grabbing updates of vital facets of plant progress, body structure, and replica.

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The possibility remains that amyloplasts are restrained, and may thereby modulate the perceiving mechanism. An interesting observation is that the amyloplasts slow down as they fall. , 1985a). Shear thinning of the cytoplasm by Brownian motion of the amyloplast may cause the cytoplasm to have a lower effective viscosity in the region just around the amyloplast. The amyloplast would sediment faster in this thinned region, and slow down when it leaves this region (Fig. 5a). This may in part be the explanation for the observed decrease in the sedimentation rate during the early part of an amyloplast's fall.

20 T. BJBRKMAN The total work potentially done by a sedimenting particle is the force of gravity times half the cell diameter (for a 90” rotation). Because the cytoplasm must be displaced, the effective sedimenting mass is not density times volume, but density difference times volume. 9 x 10-19 J m, m) The gravitational potential energy in one sedimentable amyloplast is, therefore, 250 times the thermal noise (4kT = 2 x J), about 15 times the stimulus estimated from Fig. 2, and similar to the energy in a photon.

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