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By John Middleton

Supplying a complete examine the continent of Africa and the international locations that include it, this publication describes its peoples and cultures, track and artwork, exchange and economic system, vacation trips and fairs, tribal teams, ecology, faith, fossil and skeleton discoveries, the land and its heritage, paintings and structure and lifestyle. It examines Africa from prehistoric occasions to the current day.

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In the 1967 elections the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) was defeated by the opposition party, the All People’s Congress (APC). Shortly after the APC candidate Siaka Stevens became the new prime minister, the military staged a coup*. But military rule met with considerable opposition, and Stevens was returned to power a year later. Stevens and the APC took the coup as a warning against weakness and quickly moved to establish stronger control over the government. Political corruption and violence increased, and by 1978 Sierra Leone had become a single-party state under APC leadership.

Muslim traders also sent Africans farther east, to Indonesia and China. In the centuries that followed, slaves may have been exported from eastern Africa, but the Arabs who established trading communities along the coast were mainly interested in gold and ivory. After the Portuguese arrived in the area and gained control of the coast in the 1500s, they carried some enslaved Africans to Portuguese colonies in Asia. However, slave raiding and slave trading did not become major economic activities in eastern Africa until the mid-1700s, when new demands for labor appeared.

Four years later a private London firm called the Sierra Leone Company reestablished the settlement. The company hoped to introduce “civilization” and replace the local trade in slaves with trade in vegetables grown in the region. The Sierra Leone Company recruited about 1,200 colonists from Canada, who founded the coastal settlement of FREETOWN in 1792. The group included American blacks, loyal to Britain, who had been freed during the American Revolutionary War. The Sierra Leone Company and its colonists disagreed about the purpose of the colony.

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