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By Duane Rousselle

Post-anarchists have hitherto depended on post-structuralist reviews of ontological essentialism so that it will situate their discourse when it comes to the normal anarchist discourse. Post-anarchism calls for the elaboration of one other vital line of critique opposed to epistemological foundationalism – to complete this job, this e-book takes post-anarchism to its restrict via a interpreting of the philosophy of Georges Bataille. Georges Bataille's philosophy permits new methods of conceiving anarchist ethics that aren't predicated upon essentialist different types, foundationalist truth-claims, or the company of the topic within the political context. After Post-Anarchism, we problem the hegemony that epistemology has loved for a number of centuries of political and philosophical proposal.

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This leads us to our second substantial theory: according to ethical relativists ethical truths emerge from within distinctive social groups or distinctive social subjects rather than equally and objectively across all groups. Relativists believe that social groups do indeed differ in their respective ethical value systems and that each respective system constitutes a place of ethical discourse. At the limit of relativist ethics is the belief that the unique subject is the place from which ethical principles are thought to arise.

It is my hope that this journey will bring about a renewed interest and understanding in the negative foundation and system of the tradition that guides all of my writing. My aim in pursuing this line of inquiry is to elucidate the nihilist core (from the latin nihil meaning nothing or no-thing) that has heretofore animated fragments of the anarchist tradition. 28 This is its accidental core which, as with the subject in Stirnerian or Lacanian philosophy, has been its distinctive but largely unrealized ontology.

He further highlighted the methodology that guides this thesis which is best summarized by the following passage: “You must know, first of all, that everything that has a manifest side also has a hidden side. Your face is quite noble, there’s a truth in your eyes with which you grasp the world, but your hairy parts underneath your dress are no less a truth than your mouth is” (Bataille, 1997). It is this latent truth that hides forever beneath the fabric of concrete socio-political existence (and also beneath the apparent discourses interpreted by hermeneutics) that provides the impetus for manifest sociopolitical engagement.

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