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By Nicholas Bennett

This can be the tale of 1 man's 40 12 months odyssey operating to aid lessen 3rd international international poverty, and provides wish to a few of the main morginalised and exploited humans on the planet. all through his lengthy profession Nicholas Bennett labored in essentially the most distant and hard areas on this planet, confronted common coups and revolutions, while even as elevating his relations.

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The clearest finding of both groups was that villagers had absolutely no confidence in either the Government or any Government services or officials, and only wished that they would never have to meet or deal with a civil servant. Though the first village was only a five kilometre walk from a small town where there was a Government hospital, whenever any villager was seriously ill they would carry him or her nineteen kilometres to a mission hospital rather than face a Government institution. The school serving this village was a broken-walled and roofless shell, with the children sitting on rocks instead of furniture.

There was a lack of comparative analyses between a water- based transport system and one based on roads, or whether local communities could be empowered in their own development. No one had looked at the destructive impact TV was having on family life, culture and community. I therefore decided to try to analyse Thai problems from a Thai perspective. Because of the radical nature of many of the ideas I was developing, and because my main translator was a leading student activist in his own right, with his own following, I soon had large numbers of students coming to our house to discuss these Thai-based ideas that I was working on.

Those who now occupy elite positions in any country did very well from the existing school system, and see no reason why their own children should pass through a system much different from the one that benefited them. In the poorer countries more than a half of the total population is a teacher, a student, or a parent of a child who is in school. The network of public primary schools is far more extensive than any other public institutional network, except for the military in the worst type of police state.

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