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By Dorie McCullough Lawson

The summer time of 1995 marks Kate Colter's 15th 12 months within the small city of Hayden, Wyoming. a brand new Englander at middle, Kate loves her husband and daughter and is keen on her associates. but, privately, she feels disconnected from the folks round her. Then alongside comes Tom Baxter. Her mother-in-law's new suitor from "back East," Tom instantly attracts Kate in together with his light attraction and fascinating dialog, like a bit piece of the house she so misses. yet inconsistencies in his tales are piquing Kate's curiosity—and a sequence of surprising and suspicious occasions is prime her to a terrifying end which may endlessly shatter her lifestyles and the lives of these she loves.

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A short girl with bleached blond hair and a well-rehearsed smile • 38 • A LO N G CO M E S A ST R A N G E R twirled the baton around her thick thighs. I looked behind me, and George was standing alone. ” Behind the band was the Hayden School District float. The superintendent of schools sat at a desk with his secretary, Dalene Koltiska, seated behind him. I looked at Lorraine, and her expression was suddenly stiff. She looked straight ahead, but must have felt my eyes because she shook her head no, meaning, No, nothing had changed.

Lorraine nodded. “That’s right. ” I understood why George was annoyed with me for asking Tom so many questions, but I didn’t care. Now it was out there. We all knew what had happened to Tom and why he had come to town. And I knew then and there that I wouldn’t ask Tom another thing about his life in Ohio unless he brought it up first. It would be hard for me, because I had so many things I wanted to ask, but I knew I owed him that respect. • 50 • chapter 5 6 I have an aunt, Joanie. I mentioned her before; she’s the one who always sees to the heart of things quickly.

Joanie knows I have no interest in the Sox and we both do tend to be interested in crimes and criminals. Bulger and his recent disappearance certainly has fit that bill in the past few years. O. J. Simpson and his freeway ride was a big topic for us, too. George would walk through the kitchen, hear me talking about the white Blazer or Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, and he’d just roll his eyes and half smile. Before O. , Joanie and I talked about Charles Stuart, the Boston fur salesman who was driving his very pregnant wife home from a birthing class when they were supposedly carjacked and abducted in the rough Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston by “a black man” who then shot the pregnant wife in the head and Charles Stuart in the stomach.

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