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By Jay Johnson

This illustrated advisor to American folks artists and their paintings spans a century of painters from Grandma Moses to Kathy Jakobsen and covers such media as sculpture, pottery, and fabric creations.

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This can be the good vintage biography of Napoleon. What makes Emil Ludwig's paintings the most is his literary kind and presentation.

Visitors to the inner Earth

Actual stories (or so it was once claimed) of subterranean trips * King Herla within the cavern of the dwarfs * Enkidu and his descent into Sheol * Orpheus and Aeneas in Hades * Sir Owen in Purgatory * Cuchulain in Tir-nan-Og * Reuben and the mikvah stairway * Reverend Kirk and his abduction * Richard Shaver and the Deros * Saint-Yves d'Alveydre in Agharta * Thomas the Rhymer in Fairyland * Olaf Jansen and the polar establishing * Apollonius of Tyana within the domicile of the clever males * Lobsang Rampa underneath the Himalayas * Doreal and the mysteries of Mount Shasta * man Ballard and the Ascended Masters * Captain Seaborn and his voyage to Symzonia * Walter Siegmeister and the Atlantean tunnels * Dianne Robbins and the Library of Porthologos And different viewers to the hidden depths of the earth.

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Born in Armenia, Charlie migrated to this country in 1903. He settled on a farm in rural Leechburg, Pennsylvania, and except for a brief trip back to Armenia to fight for his homeland during World War I, he spent isolation, hide their the rest of his life in that state. He died in 1962. Other than the few contacts necessitated by his work, Charlie shunned human companionship and lived as a hermit. Few people had any idea of how he passed his leisure hours. It was only after his death in 1962 that the opening of a garage he had rented behind the local hardware store revealed a treasure trove of paintings, some seventy in all.

For Blocksma, the constructions become a his form of exorcism of personal devils. Dewey Blocksma's work has been included in exhibitions at the Mulvane Art Center in Topeka, Kansas, and at the Silvermine Guild Center for the Arts, New Canaan, Connecticut, where it was part of the Folk, Fantasy Expressionism exhibition. C. & 24 25 Dewey Douglas Blocksma Both Sides of the Brain 1982 Mixed media; 33" high Private collection Photo by Bill Buckner Peter "Charlie" Bochero Peter "Charlie" Bochero place among — famous those artists who as simply Peter Charlie — has an important cut themselves off from the world and, in lonely work from the public while creating fantastic universes that express their hopes and fears.

Even the children are busy, milking cows, surface. In recent years carrying the wash, or feeding the chickens. In a sense, Cooper is a memory childhood experience, but he carries later is much of his work is drawn from looking for new ideas and new themes. He painter, for always with him paper and pencil with which he can render quick sketches to be turned into more fully developed drawings on pieces of butcher paper the size of the canvas on which the final painting will be done. Much more articulate than most folk painters, Cooper defines his work as dependent on color, design, and emotional content.

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