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By Linda Schmittroth, Mary Kay Rosteck, Stacy A. McConnell

Profiles sixty women and men who have been key avid gamers at the British or American part of the yankee Revolution, from John Adams, who turned the second one president, to Eliza Wilkinson, who wrote of the day British squaddies looted her South Carolina domestic.

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Adams became vice president because he received the second-largest number of votes. ” He sometimes resented playing second fiddle to Washington, but he supported the president in the belief that the duties of the offices of president and vice president should be carried out with great John Adams 15 dignity. However, Adams opposed the attitudes of his Federalist colleagues who believed that the rich and well educated should have more influence than ordinary citizens (see box). Elected president, has troubles with France After Washington’s second term as president ended, Adams was elected president of the United States in 1796.

Adams was deeply saddened by the loss of his wife to typhoid fever in 1818. But he took pride in witnessing his son, John Quincy Adams, take the oath of office as the sixth president of the United States in 1824. On July 4, 1826, the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, ninety-year-old John Adams died at his home. Taking comfort in the idea that the new country was left in good hands, his last words were, “The country is safe. ” He did not know that the other American hero had died just a few hours earlier.

With a new, independent United States now established (the name first appeared in the Declaration of Independence), Adams suggested that each state set up its own government. ) He also helped organize the American army to make it ready for the coming battle with trained British soldiers, and argued that George Washington must have full authority as commander, answering only to Congress. 14 American Revolution: Biographies Serves his country as ambassador abroad Adams served the new country in many ways as war broke out.

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