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By Duane A. Garrett

This 3rd quantity within the Baylor guide at the Hebrew Bible sequence presents specialist, finished assistance in answering major questions about the Hebrew textual content. whereas reflecting the most recent advances in scholarship on Hebrew grammar and linguistics, the paintings makes use of a method that's lucid sufficient to function an invaluable agent for instructing and self-study.

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14 1:3-5: First Oracle (Damascus) After the prose heading (‫)כֹּה ָא ַמר יְהוָ ה‬, the poem has two stanzas. The first stanza (1:3) gives the reasons God will judge Damascus (three lines) in which each line is headed by the preposition ‫ ַעל‬. The second stanza (1:4-5) gives the punishment (seven lines), in which each line is headed by a weqatal verb, except for line Be, where there is gapping with the verb ‫ וְ ִה ְכ ַר ִּתי‬in line Bd doing double-duty, and line Bg, which is the concluding ‫ ָא ַמר יְהוָ ה‬.

A construct chain used as a direct object. Kerioth was one of the principal cities of Moab, and it is mentioned in Jeremiah 48:24 as well as in line 13 of the Mesha Stele (also known as the “Moabite Stone”), where it is said to have been the site of a temple to Chemosh, the principal deity of Moab. Line Bc: The colon-marker is zaqeph qaton and the constraints are: 1 predicator, 3 constituents, and 3 units. ‫ּומת‬ ֤ ֵ . Qal weqatal 3 m s of ‫מּות‬. ‫אֹון‬ ֙ ‫ ְּב ָׁש‬.

Four lines end with references to names of Philistine cities (Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Ekron), one line (Bb) ends with ‫יה‬ ָ ‫“( ַא ְר ְמנ ֶֹת‬her [Gaza’s] citadels”), and one line (Bf) ends with ‫“( ְׁש ֵא ִרית ְּפ ִל ְׁש ִּתים‬the remainder of the Philistines”). In short, the first five lines each describe the destruction of a Philistine location, and the sixth broadly states that all Philistia will be destroyed. ‫חֹומת ַע ָּז֑ה‬ ֣ ַ ‫וְ ִׁש ַ ּ֥ל ְח ִּתי ֵ ֖אׁש ְּב‬ ‫יה׃‬ ָ ‫וְ ָא ְכ ָל֖ה ַא ְר ְמנ ֶ ֹֽת‬ ‫יֹוׁש ֙ב ֵ ֽמ ַא ְׁש ּ֔דֹוד‬ ֵ ‫וְ ִה ְכ ַר ִ ּ֤תי‬ ‫תֹומְך ֵ ׁ֖ש ֶבט ֵ ֽמ ַא ְׁש ְק ֑לֹון‬ ֥ ֵ ְ‫ו‬ ‫ל־ע ְק ֗רֹון‬ ֶ ‫ֹותי יָ ִ ֜די ַע‬ ִ ‫וַ ֲה ִׁש ֨יב‬ ‫דּו ְׁש ֵא ִ ֣רית ְּפ ִל ְׁש ִּ֔תים‬ ֙ ‫וְ ָ ֽא ְב‬ ‫הוה׃ פ‬ ֽ ִ ְ‫ָא ַ ֖מר ֲאד ָֹנ֥י י‬ Ba 1:7 Bb Bc 1:8 Bd Be Bf Bg Line Ba: The colon-marker is athnach and the constraints are: 1 predicator, 3 constituents, and 4 units.

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