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By Omri Rand

This paintings specializes in mathematical tools and sleek symbolic computational instruments required to resolve primary and complicated difficulties in anisotropic elasticity. particular functions are awarded to the category of difficulties which are encountered within the idea.

Key positive factors: specific emphasis is put on the choice of analytic technique for a selected challenge and the opportunity of symbolic computational strategies to aid and advance the analytic method of problem-solving · the actual interpretation of actual and approximate mathematical suggestions is carefully tested and gives new insights into the concerned phenomena · state of the art options are supplied for a variety of composite fabric configurations built by means of the authors, together with nonlinear difficulties and complex research of laminated and thin-walled buildings · abundant photograph examples, together with animations, extra facilitate an realizing of the most steps within the resolution strategy.

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The rotational tension may be treated in two different ways. We first may consider this effect as a contributor to the strain energy. Its contribution equals to the product of the√(given) tensile force, T (z), and the extension created by the bending v(z), which is written as 1 + v 2 − 1 ∼ = 12 (v )2 . Hence, UT = l 0 1 T (z) v 2 2 dz. 148) Alternatively, the tension effect may be viewed as a transverse distributed loading of (T (z) v ) . 124)), its potential should be therefore written as VT = − 1 2 l 0 (T (z) v ) v dz.

165) where F is a continuous function of five arguments. We suppose that the admissible functions u(x, y) belong to the C2 class on the two-dimensional domain Ω, while the boundary condition is formulated in terms of a given continuous function ϕ(x, y) along the contour u=ϕ on ∂Ω. 5 Euler’s Equations 37 where, obviously, ∂ (F, u x ) = F, u x u x u, xx + F, u x u u, x + F, u x x , ∂x ∂ (F, u y ) = F, u y u y u, yy + F, u y u u, y + F, u y y . 168) ∂y More generally, if the functional F(x1 , . .

Xn ) (of n variables) and its higher derivatives (of order ≤ m). 13, which was used to create the following examples. 4 Variational Problem Related to Poisson’s Equation. 172) where f is a given function, and the real numbers ai j , i, j = 4, 5 satisfy a44 > 0, a55 > 0, a44 a55 − a245 > 0. 165), the minimizing process yields the Euler’s equation known as the generalized Poisson’s equation in Ω: a44 u, xx − 2a45 u, xy + a55 u, yy = f (x, y). 173) is propor∂2 ∂2 tional to the classic Laplacian ∇(2) = ∂x 2 + ∂y2 (which is a scalar square of the “nabla” operator ∂ ∂ , ∂y }), see also (Sokolnikoff, 1983).

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