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By Jilly Cooper

Jilly Cooper has written a tribute to the function of animals in wartime. From the pigeons sporting very important messages to and from the beleaguered urban through the Seige of Paris to canine sniffing out mines for the British invasion strength in international struggle II. A bright checklist of man's inhumanity to animals, and an excellent tale of braveness.

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The offer was abruptly turned down on the grounds that the organization of the AVC was so complete that no outside assistance was needed. Under the circumstances, the only thing the RSPCA could do was turn the other cheek, and encourage as many as possible of its inspectors to join the AVC. Ninety did so. The Society also unofficially supplied horse ambulances to various units training at home who asked for them, and many worthy ladies were kept busy knitting pads to prevent saddle sores. It was soon found that the ninety RSPCA inspectors who’d joined up were absolutely invaluable because of their discipline and knowledge of horses.

CONTENTS Cover About the Book Title Copyright About the Author Also by Jilly Cooper Dedication AUTHOR’S NOTE INTRODUCTION FOREWORD TO THE NEW EDITION MY KINGDOM FOR A HORSE GOODBYE, OLD MAN THE GOLDEN TAIL HOMER SWEET HOMER THE CAMEL THE MULE THE ELEPHANT THE HOME FRONT MASCOTS THE HALL OF FAME ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL BIBLIOGRAPHY About the Author Jilly Cooper is a journalist, writer and media superstar. The author of many number one bestselling novels, she lives in Gloucestershire with her husband Leo, her rescue greyhound Feather and her black cat Feral.

Exhausted troops had to dig huge graves in sandy places, and as the sand was thrown out, it fell back in again at the sides. Matters reached a level of black comedy, when an attempt was made to float carcasses out to sea. They wouldn’t sink, and the hooves, protruding out of the water, were on more than one occasion mistaken for the periscopes of hostile submarines. Even more hideous conditions prevailed in South Africa, where in 1915 there was a complete breakdown of the railways, and therefore of forage supplies.

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