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What happened instead was that Callaghan exchanged positions with Roy Jenkins. Callaghan went to the Home Office, Jenkins became the Chancellor - and Crosland stayed where he was. '99 Lifelong friends and lifelong rivals, the events of November 1967, as Roy Jenkins remembers them, drove a wedge between the two moderates which had implications of its own for the future of British politics: 'It would be idle to pretend that these events of November 1967 did not leave a scar on Crosland which had the effect of crucially damaging the cohesion of the Labour right over the next eight or nine years.

By 1965, as Ben Pimlott explains, he had recognised the sacrifice and switched his allegiance: 'Brown had departmental reasons for supporting devaluation. '90 At one point George Brown threatened to resign if Wilson opted for deflation: while he made such threats at regular intervals (Marcia Williams, eloquently described in the People as Wilson's faithful 'Monday-to-Sunday Girl Friday', kept a special file exclusively for the Deputy Leader's proposed resignations), this shows nonetheless just how seriously he took the question of cuts.

The victory of the Conservatives in the election of June 1970 brought to an end the 5|-years of Wilson Governments that had begun in 1964. In opposition from 1970-74, with Edward Heath the Prime Minister, Crosland continued to shadow his old portfolio, by then given the new name of Environment. 106 Fabian Tracts on A SocialDemocratic Britain and Towards a Labour Housing Policy (both 1971) reiterated his core message about equality and growth, market freedom and social priorities, adequately redistributive taxation and decent public services.

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