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By TY Lee

I began this ‘Just be solid ‘ venture with the belief of getting a
few Buddhist promotionaI fabrics with a vibrant, optimistic and
modern variety. I later tied this in with an internet site providing more
information on Buddhism for these to determine more.
Little did I count on how renowned the fabrics could become,
and the influence of the web site on such a lot of humans all over
the world.
My goal is to provide the fundamental thoughts of Buddhism in a concise
and down-to-earth demeanour, utilizing an process that many
seem to discover transparent and available. The ‘Just Be reliable’ project
culminates during this book, in accordance with the writings within the website.
For these examining this publication with out but vacationing the website,
I might urge you to additionally battle through the positioning. this can be because
it deals a different wealth of data when it comes to unfastened e-books,
talks on MP3 and hyperlinks to different web content which supply deeper
perspectives on many key issues and areas.
I wish to thank with inner most gratitude Ajahn Brahm for
giving me the braveness and aid to begin this ‘Just be Good’
project, Ven. Dhammika for his sufferer assistance and advice
throughout the venture, Ven. Aggacitta and Ven. Kumaara for
their many beneficial feedback and Sister Han Ah Yew and
Mr. Leong Kum Seng for his or her assist in vetting the textual content. I would
also wish to show my so much honest appreciation to Bro. Piya
Tan for writing the part on meditation for this ebook and
Geelyn Lim for all her labor on its layout and layout.
Special thank you additionally visit all my academics and pals in the
Dhamma in Singapore for his or her encouragement from the very
beginning. an immense “thank you” and all my love additionally visit my
parents and my spouse, Susan. And my maximum appreciation is
extended to the folk around the globe who've given me
the motivation and the power to proceed and enhance this
project. All errors, mistakes and omissions are mine alone.
May all Beings be good and chuffed, and loose from actual and
mental agony. may perhaps all Beings embark at the course of the
Buddha and detect Nibbana. could all of the advantages of this project
be devoted to the happiness and emancipation of all Beings,
and to aid safeguard and unfold the lessons of the Buddha.

T Y Lee

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The past, even of a minute ago, is dead and gone. The future is yet to occur, and may not be at all as expected. The idea is not to dwell in the past, or dream of the future. Observe and live each present moment as it comes about. You will then be truly living and able to see life as it really is. If you have the time, try to learn at least some Dhamma each day. And as in all good things, share it also with anyone interested. The Buddha said that the only way to repay our parents for bringing us into this world and taking care of us from birth, is to teach and instil them in the Dhamma.

Even to merely be aware, at any one point in time, that you are breathing is a large step forward. Be aware of your physical sensations (through the five senses), your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Observe all these phenomena, and note in a non-judgmental manner, whether they are positive, negative or even neutral. It is simply a 'stepping-back' or observing with awareness whatever is happening. For example, when the phone rings, be aware of your hearing the sound, your intention to answer it, the physical movement of reaching for the phone, etc.

May your blessings be as numerous as the stars in the heavens. Texas, USA Hi, I have received my package today, thank you. I have thought of Buddhism for a number of years and only recently have realised that this is the spiritual path I want to travel, and certainly I am still struggling. I find your site very easy to understand, things that I need explaining seem to get clarified. The books are easy to read, and at night before I sleep seems to be the best time to read. I have not yet gone to a Temple, I would like to.

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