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By Peter Corris

Stripped of his investigator's license, Cliff Hardy faces an doubtful destiny whilst whatever own occurs that provokes him into his top function: a confrontational investigator with a flavor for violence and no regard for his misplaced credentials. Taking and working out punishment, regularly in Sydney's particular suburbs, Hardy encounters degenerate police officers, bereft other halves, and machine demanding situations. In a shadowy showdown at an elegant Sydney seashore, Hardy demanding situations these in his way, but his destiny is still much more clouded than ahead of. An across the world enjoyed but reluctant hero, Hardy struggles to tackle corruption from loyalty as he attempts to figure out his destiny as an Aussie investigator.

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I was starting to take things in. Williams was older than he looked and not a bad guy. He shot me a couple of concerned looks. He didn’t swagger the way some cops do, and he didn’t expect people to step out of his way. He paused to stub his cigarette on the rim of a bin and drop it in. ’ he said. ‘You look cold. ’ ‘I’m all right. ’ I’ve been in the Glebe police station quite a few times, never for drinks and nibbles. It’s been tarted up more than once over the years, but something of its essence always comes back—a look, smell and feel that speak of long hours, tiredness, loss, anger, frustration and takeaway food.

ASIO’s recruiting,’ she said. ‘Intelligence, for want of a more accurate word, is a growth industry. They take on all types. You’re ex-army, aren’t you? ’ Lily laughed. ’ ‘Boiled in urine. ’ There wasn’t. We saw films pretty regularly and had similar tastes—political thrillers, biopics, historical stuff. We’d already seen what was on offer that appealed and the rest were animations and dumb dross. We kept promising ourselves we’d see some foreign flicks as recommended by David and Margaret, but somehow never got around to it.

Arthur’s companions hadn’t yet arrived so I had time. A voice over the PA system told the next group to hit. I took my notebook from my pocket and showed him the list of initials that had been sprinkled through Lily’s notes. ‘Can you make any sense of these? ’ He nodded. ‘A bit. ’ I handed him the sheet and he scanned it. ‘Let’s see, yes—POW, that means police officer, don’t ask me why. BW stands for bureaucrat of some kind; SB means politician. I assume it stands for scumbag. I don’t recognise the others.

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