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By John F. Walvoord

Updating the paintings of popular biblical student John F. Walvoord, who famously envisioned present international occasions, Armageddon, Oil, and Terror deals surprising predictions at the way forward for terrorism, oil-based economics, and nuclear battle within the center East. In all, Armageddon, Oil, and Terror sheds mild on 12 occasions with regards to end-time prophecies that appear eerily just about coming precise. comprises fabrics from lectures and discussions after 9-11 and accommodates very important, up-to-date fabric from different Walvoord classics. it's as present as latest information . . . and each prediction earrings real.

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Power is centralized in one man. From the many negotiators and leaders involved in the Middle East, one new international leader will emerge from Europe to superimpose a peace settlement on Israel and the more militant Muslims and to assure the West’s supply of oil. This will bring an era of false peace, a move toward disarmament, and a major push for a new world economic system. These first three and a half years will be the calm before the storm as the new leader consolidates his power. The last three and a half years will include a series of almost inconceivable catastrophes.

CRUDE AWAKENING In the fall of 1973, a group of Arab nations staged a Pearl Harbor–like attack on Israel on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), the most holy day of Judaism. Israel was able to ward off the invaders with the support of several Western nations and maintain control of the strategic Golan Heights in the north, territory that Egypt and Syria had hoped to capture. One of the important results of the war in 1973 was the coming together of Arab nations as never before. Although the unity was manifested partially in the military conflict, it became increasingly evident that the Arab world’s bid for power was going to be based on its control of the major oil resources.

If the supply of oil—or the energy infrastructure that refines and distributes oil—hits the breaking point, the economy of the United States and other industrial giants will destabilize. Third World countries struggling for survival will be destroyed by a disruption in the price and availability of oil. The break point will come when demand suddenly exceeds supply. Oil futures on the commodity markets will spike. Nations will rush to hoard more strategic reserves. The high cost of petroleum products alone will cause the wheels of Western economic growth to grind to a halt.

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