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By Sun Tzu (Lionel Giles)

I <3 U Dian Sastro :) A scanned PDF of the main well-known army handbook within the world! The person who well known on the internet, simply retyped variation from Gutenberg. In the following, you will find the unique e-book. besides the Hanzi (Chinese Character).

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Or s) @ &, XXII. enumerated on p. 141. 8 4. SAih Chi, ch. 47, f. 7 For the in- YO. ~O%W%%%&%%P~B~~B@@B The following are the oldest Chinese treatises on war, after Sun Tzii. T h e notes on each have been drawn ~rincipally from the @ & 3 @j Ssii k'u ch'iian shu chien ming mzc Zu, ch. 9, fol. 2 2 sqq. I. & Wu Tzil, in I chiian or 6 chapters. j& j& Wu Ch'i (d. C. 381). A genuine work. See Shih Chi, ch. 65. 2. fjJ ,% & Ssii-ma Fa, in I chiian or 5 chapters. C. Its date, however, must be early, as the customs of the three ancient dynasties are constantly to be met with in its pages.

2 4 . Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected. 25. These military devices, leading to victory, must not be divulged beforehand. This seems to be the way in which Ts'ao Kung understood the passage, and is perhaps the best sense to be got out of the text as it stands. " This would be very plausible if it did not which unmistakably refers to the maxims which Sun Tzti ignore has been laying down. " &, 3 q, 26. culations in his temple ere the battle is fought. Chang Yii tells us that in ancient times it wab customary for a temple to be set apart for the use of a general who was about to take the field, in order that he might there elaborate his plan of campaign.

INTRODUCTION LI its style does not belong to the era of the Three Dynasties. #. , #t and ft , so that the forgery cannot have been later than the Sui dynasty. 4. j$j@ Wei Liao Tzii, in 5 ckiian. Attributed to Wei Liao ( 4 t h cent. ), who studied under the famous $& Kuei-ku TzU. The -g6 ,under $$ mentions a book of Wei Liao in 31 chapters, whereas the text we possess contains only 2 4 . Its matter is sound enough in the main, though the strategical devices differ considerably from those of the Warring States period.

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