Large Texas Red Yucca Rooted Plant - Hesperaloe - False Yucca

  • $9.99

Wonderful low maintenance long blooming perennial plant. Suitable in a wide variety of climates from Michigan to Florida, desert south west, and the west coast.

-Winter hardy in USDA Zones: 5-11.

-Blooms pink flowers for 2-4 months depending on when it first begins blooming.

-You will receive a well rooted plant. Plant will measure 8-10 inches or greater! Plant may not bloom for a year or two due it being relatively young.

-Full sun required. They love it! Drought tolerant. Suitable in a planter or a well drained area in your yard.

-Will attract butterflies.

-First photo is an example of a mature blooming plant. Remaining photos are examples of the plant(s) you will receive.

-Shipping dry helps reduce the chances of root rot during shipment. Therefore plants will be shipped dry and will need watered upon receiving.

-Plants Shipped to California, Arizona or Hawaii will be bare root.

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