Air plant FAQs

Do air plants need water?

- Yes!

How often should I water my air plant?

- Your air plants should be watered weekly by submerging in filtered, distilled, bottled, rain or dehumidified water for no more than 30 minutes. On larger air plants, such as the Xerographicas, make sure to turn the plant upside down and gently shake excess water out after soaking. 

How much sunlight do air plants need?

- You should keep the air plant in natural bright light, but not direct sun. They can tolerate morning sun. 

Is the care different for air plants in terrariums?

- No, but if you plan to use your air plant in a terrarium, be sure to allow it to sit and completely dry after soaking before placing it back in the terrarium. They are usually dry within 3 hours, but will dry much more quickly if placed in front of a fan. 

Do I need to fertilize my air plants? 

- We recommend fertilizing with any water soluable plant food (Ex.: Schultz Plant Food or Miracle Gro.).  Fertilizer can be added in during your regular soaking. We recommend fertilizing every two weeks to a month.