Succulent FAQs

What kind of soil do you recommend for succulents?

- We recommend a coarse and well drained soil (Pine fines mixed with sand and a little composted manure has worked well for us). For cacti you would want to 10-20% small gravel (ex. pea gravel) to the mixture.

How much light do my succulents need?

- Most succulents do best in a southern or western window with direct sunlight shining in on them. However a few succulents that prefer low light are: Haworthia, Aloe, Schulumbergera (Christmas Cactus), Rhipsalis (Mistletoe Cactus), Stapelia, Huernia, Crassula arborescens, and string of pearls.

How often do I need to water my succulents?

- We recommend letting the soil completely dry out before watering.  Checking the foliage of the plant for loss of rigidity is an excellent way of identifying if the succulent needs water. On some succulents the leaves will compress inward or the foliage will become soft to the touch and/or discolored when they need watered. 

What about fertilizing? 

- Bedding plant food can be used on succulents. You should follow the directions on the label. Make sure to water the bedding plant food in as it can potentially burn the succulent. 

What happens if my succulent gets pests?

- While uncommon, succulents can get pests such as aphids when establishing.  Malathion or Need Oil work well in suppressing pest on succulents. Pest rarely occurs unless plants are stressed or improperly cared for. 

What about diseases?

-  Leaf Spot is is a common disease that can occur when there are warm temperatures with relatively consistent moisture due to either rain or watering.  Daconil based fungicides should be applied before temperatures go above 80 degrees after rain or watering until temperatures are moderate.