Nepenthes - Tropical Pitcher Plant FAQs

What kind of soil do you recommend for tropical pitcher plants when re-potting?

- Repot with Organic Peat Moss.

 How much light does my pitcher plant need?

Tropical pitcher plants do best with mid day/afternoon sun in a house.

How often do I need to water my pitcher plant?

- Make sure to use filtered, distilled, rain, bottled, reverse osmosis, or dehumidifies water for these plants. Watering with undistilled tap water can cause problems!

Do I need to do anything with the traps?

- Once the leaf opens on a new trap, this means the trap is open and ready for business. However, you may have to add water to the traps so that they can start turning that water into the mild acid they use to digest flies that get caught in their traps. Make sure to use any of the previous types of water listed in the watering section. Also make sure to fill traps no further than the nearly straight line on the trap where the green section ends and the red section begins.