Agave parryi “Flagstaff Form” Cold Hardy Agave - Blue Agave - Perennial Agave

  • $13.50

-Agave grows up to about 20” tall and 20”-30” wide

-Great house plant

-Nice blue coloration

-Recommended soil mix: sand, pine fines(pine bark), and limestone gravel.

-Winter Hardy in USDA Zones 5-10

-If planting in a colder climate, make sure to plant agave in very well drained soil with no peat moss, and mix lime stone gravel into the soil mix for extra drainage. It is also a good idea to protect this agave the first winter or two (or until this agave reaches at least 7”-8” wide) with a clear plastic container with holes cut on each side of the container (but no holes on the bottom part of the container). Doing this, along with propping the east facing side of the container up and weighing down the container with something heavy (rock or brick) help insulate the Agave through the winter.

-4-6 hours of minimum sun, but prefers full sun

-Agave only needs water when soil is dry or when foliage starts to look wrinkly or soft to touch

-The first two photos are an example of a mature plant, not what you will receive.

-Plant comes approx 4-6 inches wide filled in 4” pot like pictured (see the last 4 photos).

-Arizona, Hawaii, and California orders will be shipped bare root.

If you live in a cold area with temps below freezing, please purchase a 72 hour heat pack along with your plant.

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