Aloe Vera "Burn Plant"

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-Aloe Vera are typically used for burns and bug bites, but also have other medical uses as well!

-Winter Hardy in USDA zones 9-11.

-This succulent can grow to 24" tall and wide in time. This succulent will come in a 4" plastic pot or bare root. The average size of the plants we ship are 9"-12" high and 6" wide. Item pictured is an example of what you will receive.

Care Instructions:

-Water this succulent thoroughly only when soil is completely dry. This is normally an 18-30 day time span.

-This succulent can handle a variety of light as long as it is near any window.

-When repotting, be sure to use a well draining mix with possibly some small gravel. Make sure that you soil does not contain any peat moss as this will rot your succulent; due to holding too much moisture. We recommend any type of Soil Conditioner.

-When using for burns, make sure only break off pieces of leaves that are furthest from the center of the plant. New growth comes from the center of the plant. By breaking outside leaves, this allows for the new growth to push out and become large enough to be used.

-Sorry, no shipping to Arizona or Hawaii. These orders will be cancelled and refunded. Plants Shipped to California will be bare root.

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