Crassula Caput Minima - Rare Crassula Succulent - Rare Succulents - Indoor Succulent Plants

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-Crassula Caput Minima is very rare

-Similar to a clumping Crassula Capitella

-Color varies between red, purple, or green depending on the time of year.

-Blooms white flowers

-Winter Hardy in USDA zone 10.

-This succulent can spread to 8"- 10” wide and 2”-3” tall once established. Nice low/tight growing form.

-Blooms nice white/cream flowers

-This variety is considered a slow to moderate grower

- Comes in 2” pot. Photo is similar to what you will receive.

Care Instructions:

-Water this succulent thoroughly only when soil is completely dry. This is normally an 14-30 day time span.

-This succulent can handle 4-6hrs of sun as a house plant. Morning/mid day sun is best if the plant is outside. Make sure it gets shade after 12pm outdoors.

-When repotting, be sure to use a well draining mix with possibly some small gravel. Make sure that you soil does not contain any peat moss as this will rot your succulent; due to holding too much moisture. We recommend any type of Soil Conditioner.

-California, Arizona, Hawaii, and US Territories orders will be shipped bare root.


If you live in a cold area with temps below freezing, please purchase a heat pack along with your plant. 72 hour packs should be used for 2 day shipping and 96 hour packs for 3 day + shipping. If you are unsure which heat pack is needed please message us with your zip code. 

We do our best to check weather forecasts before shipping to ensure your plants are in transit on the best days however weather and shipping delays are unfortunately out of our control. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR COLD DAMAGE IF A HEAT PACK IS NOT PURCHASED WITH YOUR ORDER. 


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