Haworthia Faciata Zebra Plug plant - Indoor Succulents - Faciata Haworthia

  • $3.99

-Nice dark green coloration with visibly stripped bands.

-Bands are less white than other haworthia varieties

-strongly stripped

-Winter Hardy in USDA zone 10.

-This succulent can grow to 6"-8” tall

-Blooms nice white/cream flowers

-This variety is considered a slow grower

-Will come as one rooted plug with no pot. Some soil loss can be expected during shipment. Item pictured is an example of what you will receive. Candle stick holder is not included.

Care Instructions:

-Water this succulent thoroughly only when soil is completely dry. This is normally an 18-30 day time span.

-This succulent can handle light sun/shade.

-When repotting, be sure to use a well draining mix with possibly some small gravel. Make sure that you soil does not contain any peat moss as this will rot your succulent; due to holding too much moisture. We recommend any type of Soil Conditioner.

-California, Arizona, Hawaii, and US Territories orders will be shipped bare root.

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