Kalanchoe luciae, Paddle Plant, Pancake Plant, Flapjack, Indoor Succulents

  • $4.99

-Beautiful Kalanchoe luciae "Paddle plant" with nice grey/green and bright red coloration.

-Forms a basal rosette of large, rounded, fleshy stalkless leaves

-Gray-green with red edges

-Mature plant can grow up to 12" tall .

-Will come as one rooted plug with no pot. Some soil loss can be expected during shipment. Item pictured is an example of what you will receive. The plant you receive should fit nicely in a 4" pot.

-Plant will be shipped dry. Please water upon receiving.

Care Instructions:

-Water succulent thoroughly only when soil is completely dry.  This is normally an 7-14 day time span. This plant will tell you when it needs water, the foliage/leaves will get soft to the touch with wrinkles.

-This succulent can tolerate full sun

-When repotting, make sure that your soil does not contain any peat moss as this will rot your succulent due to holding too much moisture.

-California, Arizona or Hawaii orders will be shipped bare root.

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