Pilea peperomioides Plant - 4” Pot

  • $16.00

Pilea peperomioides is a very unique and hard to find plant. It was largely unavailable across the United States a year ago, but is currently one of the most sought after house plants in the United States.

You will receive a well established Pilea. The Pileas pictured are an excellent example of what you will receive. 

Care Information and Instructions
Sun/Light Exposure:
Pilea prefer bright natural light. The best windows in a house for this kind of light are a northern or eastern window. Only place this plant is a southern or western window if it does not received any direct sun. Direct Sun Burns the leaves on this plant, and gives it an unsightly appearance.

Water this plant when the leaves begin to droop, or when the soil is dry. Depending on the Soil the Pilea is in, it is likely they will need water every 7-14 days.
Soil: Typical potting soils are excellent for this plant. A little perlite added in never hurts either(most potting mixes should already have perlite, but check the label just to be sure).

Winter Hardiness:
Tropical/House Plant. A very swift death will happen to this plant if it sees temperatures below freezing!

Plants Shipped to California, Arizona or Hawaii will be bare root.

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