Light Yellow with Pink Center Christmas Cactus Zygocactus x "Christmas Flame" - 6" Hanging Basket

  • $21.00

These Christmas cactus are well rooted and ready to grow! Photo of basket is similar to what you will receive. Baskets are just starting to bud (buds are not as big as what’s pictured as this was 2017’s photo).

Once flowering ends, place succulent in a cool spot(50-60 degree range) near a window for two-three weeks.  This will allow the plant to onset more flower buds for flowering later in winter.  This process can be repeated through winter!

Care Instructions: Only water plant when soil looks completely dry, or if plant begins to look wrinkled.  Keep Christmas Cactus near any window where they can get bright light. They do not require direct sun, but will a lot of times develop an attractive red/purple hue to this foliage if left in full sun.  Make sure to use cactus soil or a well draining soil like pine fines.  If using as a wedding favor, place gravel, charcoal, or something coarse in bottom of item that the Christmas cactus is going in.  This will help keep the plant from rotting when watered.

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