Needle Palm (Acclimated to 5F) rhapdophyllum hystrix

  • $17.00

Acclimated to 5°F. This Needle Palm should do very well in USDA Zone 6B (possibly colder if planted in good microclimate) to 11. Hardy up to -20°F once established.

Despite being acclimated to cold temperatures, it would still be beneficial to cover this palm with frost cloth for the first winter although not extremely necessary.

Ideal conditions are moist soil: But will tolerate dry conditions if watered until established.

These cold protection tactics are strongly suggested for the first winter to help the palm establish:
-Use black mulch or lava rock as it holds heat well.
-Plant on southeast to south facing side of building
-Cover with frost cloth in November until temps. warm up in late winter / early spring.

-Full sun to part shade / shade

-Suggest planting in early Spring or summer. Will require lots of water for first two-three months to retain foliage.

-Suggest coffee grounds to help deter scale insects

-Will ship bare root or potted upon request(additional shipping added accordingly if shipping potted).

-Plants Shipped to California, Arizona or Hawaii will be bare root.

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