Opuntia Azurea - Yellow Flowers - Purple Cactus Pad - Cold Hardy Prickly Pear - Cacti Red Center

  • $7.25

-Will receive one pad that is approximately 8-10 inches.

-Winter hardy USDA Zones 5-10(Possibly colder in western and plaines states).

-Loose ground cover growing up to 5-6 feet wide, and up to 3 feet tall.

-This is a very attractive shrub forming prickly pear that gets purple hues to its pads during the winter months.


Use Tongs or a few sections of thick newspaper to place pad in a sunny well drained area. Gently work up soil where the cactus pad is going, and place pad on top of soil. Then, set something heavy on top of the pad towards the base where the cut mark is. Doing this assists the cactus pad with rooting into the soil. It also does not hurt to mix some gravel into the soil to help with drainage and moisture. Pad should root and establish with minimal assistance(you can water it at time of planting, but let the rain take care of it after that; unless you live in an area of the country that receives under 20” of rain a year).

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