San Pedro Cactus - Echinopsis pachanoi syn. Triocereus pachanoi

San Pedro Cactus - Echinopsis pachanoi syn. Triocereus pachanoi

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San Pedro cactus is used in traditional medicines, and is widely used as a landscaping plant in arid areas as an attractive ornamental cactus. It is also an excellent house plant.

What you will receive and care information:

-You will receive one 8-12” long rooted cutting. The plant will be bare root to help reduce shipping expenses.

-For potting, we recommend using soil conditioner(sand and pine fines) with 20% composted manure mixed in.

-Water once every 2 weeks mid April-September, and once every 1-1.5 months October through March.

-San Pedro cactus grow up to 20 feet tall, but can be pruned to be kept smaller as a house plant. They are also slow growing. This helps keep the amount of pruning down

-Make sure San Pedro Cactus get at least 4 or more hours of mid. day/afternoon sun.


If you live in a cold area with temps below freezing, please purchase a heat pack along with your plant. 72 hour packs should be used for 2 day shipping and 96 hour packs for 3 day + shipping. If you are unsure which heat pack is needed please message us with your zip code. 

We do our best to check weather forecasts before shipping to ensure your plants are in transit on the best days however weather and shipping delays are unfortunately out of our control. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR COLD DAMAGE IF A HEAT PACK IS NOT PURCHASED WITH YOUR ORDER. 


72 hour -

96 hour -

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